ABEC Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd (ABEC)

... Our purpose is to enable industry to achieve sustainable development within regional areas of Western Australia for the benefit of the community. We attain this by providing pragmatic, efficient environmental solutions for the resource and industry sectors, contaminated sites, and land development.

ABEC was established in the Southwest by Glen Alexander and Damon Bourke, environmental scientists with over 30 years combined experience. The product of our experience is practical environmental solutions for a wide range of issues throughout the State.

Cost-effective outcomes result from ABEC’s knowledge and pragmatic approach.


We facilitate, manage and prepare State and Federal EIA documentation to achieve timely environmental approvals for your Project.

ABEC is able to manage multi-disciplinary teams, liaise with regulators and stakeholders and deliver cost-effective approvals. We prepare the following:
  • Referrals, EIA documents (e.g. APIs and PERs) and Offset Strategies in accordance with the State EP Act and the Federal EPBC Act.
  • Mining Proposals and Mine Closure Plans.
  • Works Approvals.
  • Vegetation clearing permits.
  • Site specific management plans (e.g. dust, noise, groundwater, acid sulfate soils, rehabilitation).
  • Annual compliance reporting.


ABEC takes a pragmatic approach to assessment, management and remediation of contaminated sites.

We develop and implement specific programs to assess potential contamination efficiently to allow future development. We have significant experience in assessing impacts to soil and groundwater from activities such as fuel and chemical storage, manufacturing and industrial processes, waste disposal and asbestos contamination. We provide assessment, monitoring and contaminated site solutions for the following situations:

  • Services stations, workshops and fuel storage facilities.
  • Industries including chemical, fertilizer and particle board manufacturing.
  • Local government authority landfills, depots, reserves and infrastructure projects.
  • Waste management and disposal facilities.
  • Civil works projects.
  • Property development, building demolition and construction projects.
  • Mining and mine closure activities.


ABEC provides regional expertise to the land development and construction industries.

We can assist with a variety of environmental services to enable your site to be developed in a sustainable manner. We have significant experience in the following:

  • Groundwater and surface water assessment and monitoring programs.
  • Environmental impact and contaminated site due diligence assessment.
  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) investigations, management and closure reporting.
  • Assessment and clean-up of asbestos contamination.
  • Preparation of local water management strategies.
  • Baseline contaminated site assessment for lease agreements.

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